The Online Pokémon League

Visit online Gyms and challenge the Gym Leaders for badges! If you get all the badges, set up your own gym!

"I'm gonna be the best Pokémon trainer in the world," you say to yourself. "All I have to do is collect all the badges! That shouldn't be too tough."

After an evening of traveling, you finally find what you were after: The Path to the Pokémon League! You sigh in relief and set a foot on the path. Ahead you can see the first Gym.

Suddenly, you hear a screeching. A cloud of dust settles, and a cop pulls her motorcycle in front of you.

Officer Jenny!

"My name is Jenny, and what do you think you're doing?" She asks you.

"I'm a Pokémon Trainer!" you say confidently.

"Well," she says, looking you over, "Do you know what you're doing?"

"N...Not exactly," you admit, "But-"

"Then I should probably tell you. Since you look pretty new around these parts, I'll explain the whole thing to you."

With nothing else to say to that, you nod and listen.

"The Pokémon League is made up of a bunch of Gym Leaders. Each Leader has a badge. When you go to a Gym, and challenge the Leader, you'll have to take a Pokémon quiz. If you complete the challenge satisfactorily, you get the Leader's Badge!"

She pauses to make sure you understand. You blink, ready for more information.

"The Gyms will be easy, with fairly simple challenges. But you have to know what you're doing to finish them. They will quiz you on a variety of different Pokémon topics, such as the games and music or shows. A lot of the time you'll get bonus questions."

"What happens when I get all the Gym Leader Badges? Am I a Pokémon Master then?"

"Not quite," she replies, "After you get all the Leader Badges, then you go on to the Elite Four!"

"Elite Four? What's that?"

"The Elite Four are a group of four Pokémon Trainers. They're the hardest of the bunch. Once you get their badges, then you're a Master!"

"That's all? What good is it being a Master, then?"

She laughs. "If you're a Master, you can start your own Gym! Or you can have your name in the Hall of Fame, along with your favorite team of Pokémon. You can also get your own personalised pokémon cards made for you and you can join our cool group too," she says, "If you want a Gym, though, you'll have to talk to Nurse Joy and show her your Magnus Badge."

"Magnus Badge?"

"Ruu Magnus is the leader of the Elite Four. When you successfully complete her challenge, then you get her Badge. It'll prove that you're a Master. Nurse Joy will tell you how to set up your own Gym, if that's what you want. But you're a long way from getting your own Gym," she adds.

"Oooh," you say, "I get it. Thanks! Now...where do I start?"

"Right over there, in that Pokémon Center!" (Click here)